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Cryogenic/freezer grinding and consignment processing

Cryogenic/freezer grinding and consignment processing

Cryogenic grinding by Osaka Gas Liquid

Cryogenic grinding is a technique that uses liquefied nitrogen cooled to an ultralow temperature (−196℃) to freeze and grind various materials including resins and foods. By using liquefied nitrogen produced by an affiliated company in the same group, we can conduct low-cost and highly efficient grinding.


  1. 1Any soft materials such as plastics and rubber, as well as foods containing oil or moisture, can be easily ground.
  2. 2By minimizing thermal alteration and oxidation during grinding, cryogenic grinding transforms materials into powder that retains their initial properties (such as a resin’s molecular structure or a food’s flavor).
  3. 3By optimally adjusting the grinding and temperature conditions, we can produce powders that satisfy various customer requirements.

Grinding flow

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Sieving (classification) systems

By using various types of classifiers, we increase the added value and improve the quality and performance of products. By employing a wide range of machines from testing purposes to large-scale production, we can produce powder by the target grain size and particle distribution of the customer’s requirements.

Types of classifiers and classification points
  • Circular vibrating screen
    Particles are efficiently classified by using a combination of vibrating screen and 3D motions (horizontal, vertical, diagonal).
  • Blow-through screen
    The reverse air prevents screen clogging, while continuously and sharply cutting the powder.
  • Centrifugal air-flow classifier
    Fine particles are separated from coarse particles by using a combination of centrifugal force generated from the rotor and the centripetal force of the air flow. The classification point is easily adjustable by changing the rotor speed.

Consignment drying

We also accept your orders for drying of various (pellet-type) resin materials using our mixing machines. Low damage to raw materials creates less fine powder waste. We monitor and control the moisture while we dry.

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